Areas of Practice


Contracts drafting, analysis, and negotiations for events, employment, third-party service providers, asset sales and purchases, and more

Tax Exemptions

Federal and State tax exemption applications and compliance

Annual Filing maintenance

Intellectual Property

Trademark, Servicemark, and Certification Mark applications and maintenance

Copyright applications and maintenance

Dispute Resolution

Board management and dispute resolution

Crisis Avoidance and Crisis Solutions

Subsidiary issues

Unrelated business income tax (UBIT) issues

Organization Management

Legal reports such as audits and checkups

Association governance policy

Liability avoidance

Association meetings

Antitrust review and compliance

Endorsements and sponsorships

Creation and Dissolution

Corporation, LLC, and LLP creation

Bylaws and Operating Agreement creation

Policy creation and implementation

Corporate, LLC, and LLP dissolution procedures

Labor and Personnel

Standard separation and severance

Hiring processes

Workplace investigation facilitation